Meet the Team

Our Clinicians

Dr John Gurney

DOptom,Bsc(Hons)FCOptom,DipTp(AS,SP,IP), Prof Cert(Glauc),Higher Cert(Glauc)Dip(Glauc),FBDO(CL),SMC (TECH),OPwSI (Ophthalmology)

John is the clinical director of Kent Eye Care, an eye doctor with specialist and higher qualifications in ocular therapeutics and glaucoma. John regularly works with consultant ophthalmologist's in hospital medical retina, glaucoma and emergency ophthalmology clinics. John has a bachelor’s degree in optometry from City University London and Doctorate from Aston University Birmingham. John is a specialist registered independent prescribing optometrist with the General Optical Council (GOC) .This Specialty allows him to prescribe and issue medical prescriptions for both NHS and private patients for the treatment of any eye condition. John is also a fellow of the college of optometrists (COO), member of the Association of Optometrists (AOP) and Fellow of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians (ABDO).

He has over thirty years’ experience in the profession following many years of experience working in hospital glaucoma and medical clinics. John has obtained nationally recognized diplomas in ocular therapeutics DipTp(IP) and glaucoma DipGlauc and is the only optometrist with this level of qualification in the whole of Kent.

Due to Johns experience and clinical expertise he is Clinical Advisor to the regulatory body for optometrists and opticians the General Optical Council and examiner in Glaucoma for Cardiff University. John is member of the Community Ophthalmology Team (COT) employed as an OPwSI(Optometrist with Special Interest in Ophthalmology) by the West Kent NHS CCG , this role sees him examining and treating patients in our practice who have been referred by the hospital, local GP and community opticians for chronic eye conditions such as macula degeneration ,glaucoma and corneal conditions.

At our practice FREE under the NHS John and Nicky provide a walk in emergency Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service (APCOS) looking after patients from 62 GP surgeries and their patients in the local area diagnosing ,prescribing and treating conditions such as red eye, uveitis ,foreign bodies and corneal ulcers. Patients can be referred by their GP, optician or self-refer to this service.

June 2017 was awarded Fellowship of the College of Optometrists (FCOptom), which is their highest qualification, as an acknowledgement of accomplishments and commitment to the profession. John’s research interests include Bayesian analysis and machine learning systems   and their use in diagnosis of glaucoma and emergency acute eye disease. Johns regularly presents lectures, talks at clinical conferences to optometrists, ophthalmologist’s and GPs and clinicians regularly attend his medical clinics to learn more about ophthalmology care, glaucoma and acute presentation of eye disease. John carries out NHS and Private Eye Examinations for both the practice and home visiting service.

Outside of work John enjoys spending time with Claire and their three boys enjoys watching most sport in particular cricket and snooker, fine wine and working on improving his golf.

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and examiner in glaucom

Mrs Nicola Sabokbar

Bsc(Hons) MCOptom,DipTp(IP)

Nicky is an optometry graduate of City University, London specialising in ocular therapeutics, contact lenses, paediatrics and research.

At Kent Eye Care she practices as a therapeutic and general optometrist carrying out NHS and Private Eye Examinations for the practice. Nicky is a specialist registered Independent prescribing optometrist with the General Optical Council (GOC). This Specialty allows Nicky to prescribe and issue medical prescriptions for both NHS and private patients for the treatment of any eye condition), she is also member of the college of optometrists (COO) and member of the Association of Optometrists (AOP).

Nicky is part of the Acute Primary Care Ophthalmology Service (APCOS) scheme for West Kent. She is Principle Investigator for the RBT Study at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Aston University and in her final year of doctorate studies. Nicky is also part of the research team at the Sussex Eye Hospital and am involved with the Fact and IVAN studies.

From 2009 to 2014 she worked for International SOS in China and was Head of the Optometry Department in Beijing. In 2008 qualified as a diabetic retinopathy screener with the Paula Carr Unit of Ashford Hospital. To learn more about her qualifications and experience, please see her Linkedin profile.

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Mr Mark Raggatt 


Mark is our lens and frame expert, he is a fully qualified registered Dispensing Optician with the General Optical Council (GOC). Mark has over 18 year’s optical experience, joining Kent Eye Care in 2010. He is responsible for performing and overseeing all aspects of optical dispensing for both the domiciliary service and the practice. He also delivers any spectacles back to patients from our home visits carrying out the required fitting and adjustments to ensure optimal frame and lens comfort. Mark is married to Vicki and loves spending time with their three young girls.

Mrs Jaspreet Kaur Ubhi

BOptom (Hons) MCOptom

Jas is a registered Optometrist completing her professional qualifications at Anglia Ruskin and Aston University.

Since being qualified she has worked in many practices within Central London, Hertfordshire and has been working alongside John for eight years. At Kent Eye Care, Jas carry’s out private and NHS eye examinations, she is a member of the college of optometrists (COO) and the Association of Optometrists (AOP). Jas has a keen interest in Paediatric eye care, testing children to ensure they are given the best possible start with vision.

Jas is currently involved with charities abroad helping children gain better sight in India and Africa. Jas is currently undertaking postgraduate qualifications in optometry and Research pursuing the Ophthalmic Doctorate at Aston University, in addition to study at Cardiff University allowing her to carry out referral refinement within the local area.

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The Practice Team

Ms Claire Forrester

Operations Director and Practice Manager

Claire is responsible for all aspects of the business both practice and domiciliary, she ensures that our high standards of clinical care, professionalism and service are always adhered to. Claire set up Kent Eye Care with John over fifteen years ago. Prior to establishing her own business Claire worked in several opticians in both dispensing and managerial positions. Outside of work Claire enjoys spending time with John and their three young boys.

Mrs Katie Jackson

Assistant Practice Manager

Katie has over 12 year’s optical experience and joined Kent Eye Care in 2005, she is responsible for the day to day running of the practice and assists Mark as one of our dispensers within the practice.  Katie is married to Steve, loves her books and is a bit of a film buff.

Marion, Katie, Katy and Rosie

Our Clinical Assistants and Optical Advisors

Our friendly and knowledgeable team ensure the smooth day to day running of the practice, booking appointments, helping the dispensing team and performing OCT scans and Visual field tests for patients in our eye examination, specialist ophthalmology and medical clinics.

All our experienced staff are committed to providing the highest specialist quality eye care for all the family. 

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